A clinical study shows an effective use of the product on injuries mimicking a gunshot or shrapnel wound

M1 Staff

Combat medics and other field military personnel have a lot of tools at their disposal, and nine times out of 10 are able to stabilize patients in the field until they can get them to a facility more equipped to deal with their level of trauma.

However, one of the biggest hurdles to stabilizing and saving wounded soldiers are injuries involving major arteries, where bleeding out is the main threat. Tourniquets and applying pressure can only do so much, which is where LifeScience Plus hopes their new product, BloodSTOP iX Battle Matrix, can step in.

Made from all-natural plant compounds, BloodSTOP iX Battle Matrix is a “biocompatible, non-irritating, woven matrix of fibers” designed as a military-grade hemostatic wound-care product. According to a study conducted at PMI, an accredited research laboratory in Silicon Valley, the product has shown an ability to minimize blood loss during femoral artery wounds similar to those inflicted by a gunshot or shrapnel injury. During the clinical trials, BloodSTOP iX Battle Matrix was able to maintain hemostasis without re-bleeding, which prevented the need for amputation due to continued adequate blood flow.

The study was conducted using swine during a two-week period, and LifeScience Plus’s product was the only one to achieve a 100% survival rate—all of the pigs treated with BloodSTOP survived.

A SWAT Paramedic in Florida found out first-hand the usefulness of BloodSTOP iX Battle Matrix during an accident at work.

Officer Mark Ocepek, the 2014 Officer of the Year for Nassau County, was teaching a rifle training class for patrol officers when an officer was struck in the face with a piece of bullet fragment from a ricochet.

“I observed a laceration on the right side of his face under his eye on his cheek,” Ocepek said. “The laceration was bleeding heavily and needed to be stopped as soon as possible. I obtained BloodSTOP iX at a SWAT conference a few months back and kept 2 packs in my trauma bag.”

After applying the product as instructed, Ocepek was surprised to find the bleeding had stopped only 20 to 30 seconds after applying the BloodSTOP iX. He was able to transport the patrol officer to the Emergency Room without the concern of blood loss.
“When the ER staff took everything off, there was no bleeding, and the scarring was very minimal,” Ocepek said. “The whole staff at the ER was amazed.”

The United States Federal Department of Agriculture has not yet reviewed BloodSTOP iX Battle Matrix for use in femoral artery wounds, however other BloodSTOP iX products are approved for use in bleeds originating from the skin, and other surface wounds.


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