Arc Extremity Stabilizer Positioner

LSP designed the Arc Extremity Stabilizer Positioner (ARC X-SP) to provide a hands-free solution for the positioning of extremities during burn treatment and orthopedic surgeries. Made with light-weight aluminum-plate and stainless steel, the ARC X-SP has 13 evenly spaced hooks to provide positioning flexibility. Once the ARC X-SP is securely suspended by chain, Adair Tissue Holding Tenaculum Forceps (not included) are attached to fingers or toes. The forceps are then hooked into the ARC X-SP for the stable positioning of the appropriate extremity.

As with any new piece of equipment, sterilize the ARC X-SP according to hospital protocol before using.


Product Name Order # Size Quantity
Arc Extremity Stabilizer Positioner ARC X-SP 268 mm × 535 mm × 5 mm 1 pc