Burn Surgery

Excision and debridement is one of the mainstays in burn surgery. BloodSTOP iX has been clinically proven to aid in hemostasis and wound healing. It facilitates successful surgical outcomes in hemorrhage control in major debridements for skin graft after burns and in skin-graft harvesting.

We offer a line of products for the treatment of burns by hospital and medical professionals, including our advanced hemostatic and wound healing matrix, recently recognized by the ABA.

Why use BloodSTOP iX for burn treatment?

BloodSTOP iX Testimonial on Burn Surgery from Stathis Poulakidas, MD, FACS, OSF Healthcare and Cook County Health.

  • Decreases blood loss and operative time
  • Facilitates more aggressive operation due to control of hemorrhage
  • Minimizes ligation and cauterization
  • Improves healing rates
  • Keeps moist field and does not interfere with graft uptake
  • Conforms to any wound
  • Maintains skin integrity throughout the burn recovery phase
  • Can be used with Negative Pressure Wound Therapy

BloodSTOP iX in Burn Surgery

Postharvesting from autograft donor site

Postdebridement of necrotic tissue site

Permanent skin graft or allograft site


Flap reconstructive surgery

Split-thickness skin grafting

Modulation of Growth Factors in Promotion of Tissue Regeneration in Burn Injury Model

Fast and Cost-Effective Results in Burn Surgery

Faster Hemostasis

Faster Healing

  1. Total body surface area.
  2. Usually consists of: petroleum dressing for donor site healing; epi-soaked collagen and silica-based compression dressing, suture ligation, and electrocautery for hemostasis of burn; dermal substitutes, silver products, and antimicrobials for healing of burn.

Featured Products

BloodSTOP® iX Advanced Hemostat with WoundHEAL®

Adheres to any wound to provide rapid hemostasis, forming a transparent protective gel layer that creates a natural moist environment for healing.

BloodSTOP® iX Trauma Matrix Hemostatic Dressing

Now available in larger sizes specifically designed for emergency bleeding control in military, prehospital, and burn trauma care.

WoundFLEX® Hemostatic Assist

A flexible, stretchable compression dressing designed for adjunctive compression over the top of BloodSTOP iX.

Arc Extremity Stabilizer Positioner

Provides hands-free positioning of extremities during burn treatment and orthopedic surgeries.