BloodSTOP® iX Trauma Matrix

Advanced Hemostat

BloodSTOP® iX Trauma Matrix Advanced Hemostat is specifically designed for traumatic bleeding control in military, prehospital, and burn/trauma care. The larger sizes effectively meet the need of greater hemorrhage control, allowing stable hemostasis, especially during long transport.

The Trauma Matrix covers a larger body surface area (BSA), significantly reduces blood loss immediately upon application, and has demonstrated excellent safety profile in the current clinical findings.

  • 100% survival rate on extremity arterial hemorrhage using U.S. military standard trauma injury protocol in a swine model1
  • Validated by world class burn and trauma surgeons as most effective in surgery, achieving cost and time savings.



Provides rapid hemostasis. Reduces blood loss.
Turns into a sticky gel upon contact with blood and exudates to seal and protect the wound. Prevents contamination and promotes healing in a moist environment for proliferation of tissue growth.
Matrix gel provides flexibility. Conforms to any wound—small, larger, irregular.
100% natural, plant-based, pH balanced matrix; fully biocompatible. Will not irritate the wound.
Forms translucent gel seal. Allows easy monitoring of wound without disrupting blood clotting.
Can often stabilize wound with less materials than typically needed with similar products. Time and cost-effective.
Easy to remove with sterile water or saline. Leaves no residue in the wound.
Sealed in light-weight, waterproof packaging. Easy to carry anywhere.


We now have the BloodSTOP iX Trauma Emergency Kit designed to have all the basics, which includes:

  • 1 × Trauma Matrix Advanced Hemostat (BM-iX-24)
  • 1 × 4″ compression bandage
  • 1 × tourniquet
  • 1 pair large gloves


Product Name Order # Size Quantity
BloodSTOP iX Trauma Matrix BM-iX-24 3″ × 24″ (7.5 × 60 cm) 1 pc
BloodSTOP iX Trauma Matrix BM-iX-25 12″ × 12″ (30 × 30 cm) 1 pc
BloodSTOP iX Trauma Emergency Kit BM-iX-24K Includes BM-iX-24, 4″ Compression Bandage, Tourniquet & Gloves (lg) 1 ea


See regulatory approvals for further informations.


Trauma Surgery



1Huixi Li, Lin Wang, Amjad Alwaal, et al. Comparison of Topical Hemostatic Agents in a Swine Model of Extremity Arterial Hemorrhage: BloodSTOP iX Battle Matrix vs. QuikClot Combat Gauze. Int. J. Mol. Sci. 2016, 17(4), 545; doi:10.3390/ijms17-4-545.