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Testimonials by BloodSTOP® and BloodSTOP® iX Users

Plastic Surgery Testimonials

A 9 year old female with unknown genetic disorders presented after multiple treatments of open wounds of the scalp, abdomen and leg. Attempts at using Sulfamylon, Aquacel AG, Silvadene, and Gentian Violet yielded no improvement.

The most worrisome component of the patent’s care was the weekly cleanings in which the patient bled over 500cc’s, requiring transfusion of 2 units of blood at every OR visit.

With the introduction of BloodSTOP® iX, wound debridments were able to be done limiting blood loss to <200cc’s and only requiring one unit or a partial unit of blood.

With good wound care, decrease of infections secondary to IV antibiotics and improved nutritional status, wounds started healing. Without the use of BloodSTOP® iX, any type of debridement and cleaning of these wounds would not have been possible at one OR sitting.

To conclude, all prior treatments failed to stop the bleeding for the patient’s head, chest and legs. However, her situation was controlled with BloodSTOP® iX.

Dr. Ibrahim H Amjad, MD

Plastic Surgeon, Miami Children’s Hospital, Miami, FL

A 6 week old, premature female baby with Epidermolysis bullosa (EB) presented at the clinic having developed multiple wounds of the left lower leg…the baby was prone to develop recurrent wounds…The patient had been previously treated for several weeks with ointments and topic dressings with little improvement…We learned about BloodSTOP® iX and felt that its ability to gel and maintain moisture would allow the dressing to control the bleeding and promote healing at the same time…The patient returned to the office in one week and at that visit there was no further bleeding and the wound size was reduced by 80%.

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Dr. Paul M. Glat, MD, FACS

Chief of Plastic Surgery, St. Christopher's Hospital for Children, Philadelphia, PA

I am excited about using BloodSTOP® iX in the operating room. After major plastic and cosmetic surgeries, the healing time is much shorter and patients can now go home the same day. Also, there are less scars and dyspigmentation while healing. Less stay in the hospital and less use of pain killers means great cost savings. These are all big points!

Dr. Safwat El Hoseny

Head of Wound Management Committee, Alqasimi & Alkuwat Hospitals, Sharjah – UAE; Vice President & Scientific Chairman, Gulf Wound Management Association

I had a patient born with Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB) who presented to me with a leg wound that just wouldn’t heal with standard treatments…We applied the BloodSTOP® iX in the office and within a week 90% of the wound was HEALED!!!! And the bleeding was gone…This was 3 months ago and the wound has remained closed. I feel that the product not only stopped the bleeding but the gelling nature of the ORC promoted a moist wound environment which may have helped promote the healing of this difficult wound.

Dr. Paul Glat echoes ‘Product Technology Overview: BloodSTOP® iX Hemostat’ published on Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine’s blog.

Dr. Paul M. Glat, MD, FACS

Chief of Plastic Surgery, St. Christopher's Hospital for Children, Philadelphia, PA

ENT Otolaryngology

Over the last 6 months I had numerous opportunities to evaluate the hemostatic properties of BloodSTOP® iX and to compare it to a number of similar products available in the surgical market place.

This product was successfully used for control of epistaxis (both anterior and posterior), postoperative hemostasis following sinus surgery and postoperative hemostasis/artificial barrier following adult tonsillectomy.

BloodSTOP® iX was simple to use, less expensive than other hemostatic products and was well tolerated by the patients. In my experience, there were no complications related to the use of the product. No surgical site infections were observed.

I found the material easy to handle and versatile. One of the best features is a rapid conversion from solid to gel form after FESS, which allows for easy postoperative debridement with minimal patient discomfort and no adhesions.

Following tonsillectomy, the material was applied directly to tonsillar fossa for hemostasis. After conversion to gel, the material acted as an artificial barrier. Patients in whom BloodSTOP® iX was used experienced less pain and used fewer postoperative pain medications.

During cosmetic procedures such as face and neck lifts, BloodSTOP® iX was directly applied to the vascular area to decrease the need for cauterization and to minimize the chance of nerve trauma/injury. No increase in postoperative hematoma was noted.  No postoperative complications were recorded with this product.

Overall, I highly recommend the use of this product in ENT and cosmetic procedures.

Dr. M Shapiro, D.O. FOCOO-HNS

ENT/Facial Plastic Surgery

Thank you very much for introducing me to BloodSTOP iX. I’ve been happily using it for my sinonasal surgery for a few years. It’s replaced my need for Surgicel, Fibrillar and Nasopore products. I’ve also been using it to protect the facial nerve in parotid surgery at the end of case. Sometimes I place it around the recurrent laryngeal nerves after thyroidectomy.
I find it very good at aiding haemostasis and I find the nasal postoperative cleaning is easier compared with above mentioned products.
Dr. Eduard Pudel

ENT Surgeon, Brighton ENT, Australia

Dental Professionals Testimonials

I have been using BloodSTOP iX as a local hemostatic agent in my practice for almost 5 years now and have been most impressed with the results and the versatility of this product.

Admittedly this is an anecdotal account, but I would like to share my experiences with its use as I believe that it can offer your clients clear benefits.

Initially, I used an alternative material to control the general ooze from extraction sockets in patients on anticoagulant therapies, after adjustment of their anticoagulant medication and checking of their bleeding tendencies. However, I found these alternative materials often broke down in the sockets, or produced an irritation at the surgical site and in some patients a continued ooze despite the hemostatic material packs in the sockets.

After my introduction to BloodSTOP iX and commencing its use, I found much improved hemostasis and clot stability. It was so much so that it gave me the confidence to manage many single surgical sites without having to adjust the patient’s anticoagulant therapies.  I believe it is far easier to manage a local bleed than a deep vein, pulmonary or cerebral embolism or a clot occluded stent, and the use of BloodSTOP iX in my practice allowed me to perform many procedures without stopping a patients’ anticoagulant therapy.

While its use in controlling excessive bleeding was clear, I was impressed with the use of BloodSTOP iX in cases where there was poor bleeding from a surgical site (an extraction socket).  Such patients would be at risk of a dry socket.

In these patients, BloodSTOP iX over the socket, with gentle apposition of the raised mucoperiosteal flap (needed for the surgical removal of the tooth or root) ensured clot retention and allowed a better granulation without bone exposure. Since using this procedure, I cannot remember the last time I have needed to treat a post-surgical localized osteitis in my rooms.

I found BloodSTOP iX to have features very similar to some of the very expensive membranes I was using for bone regenerative procedures and so started to use the material to hold my bone scaffolds (for bone regenerative or socket preservation procedures) in position. I used the BloodSTOP iX as a membrane over the bone graft material and as it formed such a convenient adhesive like membrane over the scaffold, additional means to hold it in position (such as pins/screws or holding sutures) were not needed. Replacing the soft tissue over the grafted defect site with resorbable sutures was sufficient to keep it in position.  Furthermore, it created no excessive inflammatory reaction and did not require any removal intervention as it resorbed uneventfully.

Often, we have to treat patients who have such severe gag reflexes, and suturing of tissues in these patients can be rather difficult.  By being conservative with the incision extent, the bleeding at the surgical sites can be controlled very effectively with BloodSTOP iX alone.  The stability of the clot also means less need to be biting down on gauze swabs, which these patients often find so intolerable.

In conversations with my colleagues to whom I have recommended the product, they have all reported their satisfaction with the material and have been using it as their preferred hemostatic material in their rooms too. I hope this sharing of my experience will assist your potential practitioners in their decision to try out this material.  I really believe that they too will enjoy the similar successful outcomes as I have had in my practice and make BloodSTOP iX their material of choice for these procedures.

Dr. Sunildutt Aniruth

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon, Cape Town, South Africa

When I folded the BloodSTOP® iX pad and placed it in the extraction site, the blood stopped oozing almost immediately, allowing me to continue working on other sites in the patient’s mouth.  It has an unsurpassed ability to absorb bleeding on one or multiple extraction sites.  This is especially useful in patients who are unable to bite down on gauze to control bleeding.

I was able to place BloodSTOP® iX into the tooth socket and it stayed in without even placing sutures.  Hemostasis was achieved with BloodSTOP® within just a few seconds after the tooth was surgically removed from the mouth.   It is easily cut or folded, so it conforms to irregular wound areas with simple placement.

BloodSTOP® iX is an excellent topical hemostatic agent, which can be used in extraction sites, biopsy sites, when performing periodontal surgery, and where dental trauma exists.  Upon contact with moisture, the BloodSTOP® iX pad became a gel, sealing the wound quickly, and stopping bleeding effectively.

We like using BloodSTOP® iX because it becomes a thick gel within 15 seconds, filling up the void left after a tooth is removed.  The blood is coagulated quickly even on patients on anticoagulant therapy.   We love how it is absorbed into the wound as the wound site is healing.  This almost always eliminates alveolar osteitis (dry socket), saving chair time, the need for post-op visits, and overall costs in oral surgical procedures.

I love how flexible and malleable the BloodSTOP® iX is, it can be used for a wide variety of intraoral and extraoral uses.  I use it for lip or mucosa lacerations, after an extraction to control bleeding, on patients who are taking anticoagulants to eliminate oozing, and after periodontal surgery.  It is ready to use right when taken from the package, or I can cut it to just about any size for the specific area I need it.  I really like how thin it is, so I can easily visualize what I’m working on when the site is bleeding significantly.  It is lightweight and has a large surface area, so when it turns into a gel-like substance, it absorbs blood very effectively.

Dr. DePinto, DMD

Galloway, NJ

I’ve used BloodSTOP for the past 6 months and find it very good for my dental surgical procedures for hemostasis control during tooth extraction, gingivectomies, periodontal abscess, and apicoectomies. Once applied, it achieves hemostasis very quickly and turns into a gel-like matrix, stopping the bleeding. It creates a barrier that stays in place. Also, it limits the use of sutures because BloodSTOP adheres to the wound site and maintains its matrix integrity. BloodSTOP effectively reduces pain during and post-operatively. I found that using it during a procedure allows me to continue dental intervention without obstructing my view. This product is fully absorbable and an instrumental part of my practice to the aforementioned procedures. I haven’t found any other product that works as well as BloodSTOP!

Dr. Michael Tojzner

Dentist, City Tandlakare (Dental Care), Malmö, Sweden

I was working on a patient and was doing a root canal and crown prep on a #20.  When doing the prep I found that there was decay subgingivally that I did not realize was there.  I had to do a crown elongation.  After I started cutting the bone away I had profuse bleeding.  I questioned myself as to whether I could have hit a vessel, but I know that I did not.  I immediately elevated the patient’s head.  Then tried some hemodent, that did not touch it.  I then used some local with epi in the area to get some vasoconstrictor in there, did not touch it.  I then went to my laser at a high setting, did not work.  As soon as pressure was taken away, the mouth was filling with blood.  I was calm, thinking we may be going to the ER, but then told my assistant to get the BloodSTOP®.  I put that on there and within a minute it slowed considerably.  I reapplied a second time and in two minutes it stopped.  The stuff really works!  Everyone should have it in their office.
Dr. Scott Watkins, D.M.D

Dallas, PA

I have used BloodSTOP® iX in dental extraction sites where bleeding control was difficult. It is similar to Surgicel, but much less costly and more efficacious.

I have used both Gelfoam and Collaplug, good products in the past. Gelfoam is not as effective in stopping the bleeding. It becomes too soft too quickly, not allowing enough pressure upon insertion. It costs much more as well.

Collaplug is better, but quite expensive in comparison. BloodSTOP® iX is the only one that totally dissolves in blood and water. I am much more comfortable using a hemostatic agent that totally dissolves in water so I don’t have to worry about a foreign body being left in the surgical area.

I recommend using only the BloodSTOP® iX version because I have had a 100% success rate with it for hundreds of patients over the past 11 years. I have had many patients on anti-coagulation drugs; BloodSTOP® iX has worked very well on them.

Dr. Kenneth Robinson, D.M.D.

PC, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Rome, NY

You can’t get a better name for this product.  BloodSTOP® really stops blood.  It is literally a lifesaver for me as well as for my patients.  During a multiple extraction an abscessed socket would not stop bleeding even after 15 minutes of pressure. I placed BloodSTOP® hemostatic gauze in the socket and, to my surprise, after two minutes, the site stopped bleeding.  It turned into a soft gel and acted as a bandage to the socket.  I now routinely use BloodSTOP®  in all my routine extractions.
Dr. Michael Ngo

DDS, Fullerton CA

Medical Professionals Testimonials

Over the years I have used many topical hemostatic pads and BloodSTOP® iX is the most effective at reducing hold times that I have found.  It is versatile and as a single package solution for most routine applications, economical enough to use.  Long Beach Memorial Hospital has a very busy Interventional Radiology Lab and the time saved with BloodSTOP® iX is important in maintaining the flow of our daily schedule and the quality of our patient care.
Gaurav K. Goswami, MD

Chief, Interventional Radiology, Long Beach Memorial Hospital, Long Beach, CA

A SWAT officer struck in the face with a piece of bullet fragment from a ricochet on the steel…I applied BloodSTOP® iX and was truly surprised to find that the BloodSTOP® iX absolutely did wonders for stopping the bleeding in a matter of just 20 to 30 seconds…When the ER staff took everything off, there was no bleeding and the scaring was very minimal.  The whole staff at the ER was amazed. I am very happy with the performance of BloodSTOP® iX, and it will be my continued go-to hemostatic agent of choice in my trauma bag.
Officer M. Ocepek

SWAT Paramedic, Nassau County Special Response Team, Florida, U.S.A.

As a Registered Nurse working primarily with dialysis procedures, I have had great experience with BloodSTOP® Hemostatic Gauze.  Following a line set up in the vein of a patient, BloodSTOP® gauze acts as a seal and forms an effective hemostatic gel upon contact with blood.  BloodSTOP® controls the bleeding instantly. Excessive bleeding is common during dialysis procedures in patients with bleeding problems; hemostasis is attempted by holding pressure, but is seldom effective.  With BloodSTOP®, hemostasis is achieved in seconds.  Because BloodSTOP® is so easy to use and produces such effective results, I recommended to all of my patients for post dialysis.  Thank you for this wonderful product.
David Ngo

RN, King Drew Medical Center, Orange County, CA

We are now equipping all our wound care carts with BloodSTOP®. Our surgeons continue to be impressed with its performance, and it is priced well below other products.
Eric Pressler

RN/WCC, Surgical Unit, Kindred Hospital, Oklahoma City, OK

King Fahad Hospital has used BloodSTOP® after hemodialysis treatment and recommends the use of this product.
Dr. Faissal Shaheen

Jeddah Kedney Center, Saudi Arabia

Consumer Testimonials

A 17 y/o female was injured with partial-thickness (second degree) burn with blister from burning marshmallow. Standard burn treatment was given at the ER; pain-killer was prescribed due to severe pain; patient was informed by doctor that wound would heal in about one month and would leave scarring.

After treatment with traditional anti-infection cream and coverage with non-adhesive dressing for 18 hours, BloodSTOP® iX was used for further treatment, also covered with non-adhesive dressing and water-proof dressing, no pain-killer was used thereafter*.

Partial granulation could be seen on day 2. Dead tissue debridement was done by coverage of BloodSTOP® basic on day 7; pink granulation could be seen. Burn was healed on day 10. Growth of new skin tissue could be seen, and there was no evidence of scarring.

*BloodSTOP® products are cleared by USFDA for topical bleeding control.  Product claims regarding pain control in this testimonial have not been reviewed by USFDA.

David T.

San Mateo, CA

BloodSTOP® iX was helpful in soothing the itchiness and pain* and stopping the bleeding associated with a poison ivy rash.  Appearance of the affected area is pictured over 4 days of BloodSTOP® iX use.

*BloodSTOP products are cleared by USFDA for topical bleeding control.  Product claims regarding pain control in this testimonial have not been reviewed by USFDA.

Tokimi S.

Palo Alto, CA

I usually ride an electric skateboard to commute to work. Two weeks ago, I tripped over a small pebble while I was doing at least 20 mph. I got some horrible scratches on the right side of my body. The injury was especially bad in my right pinky area, the skin was scratched away, and I could already see some ‘white tissues.’ It was fortunate that my wife forced me to keep a pack of BloodSTOP® iX in my backpack. After cleaning my wounds with sterile saline, I applied BloodSTOP® iX and followed the instructions to cover it with additional bandaid to keep moist.

I have had similar injuries before from skateboarding, so I know an injury of this magnitude will typically take at least a month to heal. After two weeks, the majority of the scratches were completely replaced by new skin. My pinky area is healing at an amazing pace as well. During the first couple of days, I could even SEE the recovery happening!

I highly recommend BloodSTOP® iX, for its fast blood-stopping, and amazing healing property.

Ke L.

Santa Clara, CA

The wound looked completely different and was significantly smaller three days after I used BloodSTOP iX. I was so amazed by how fast the wound has healed!

William E.

Sunnyvale, CA

I was holding my 1-year-old when she accidentally kicked over a pot with boiling water when we were out camping in Lake Tahoe. I immediately turned her around and the entire left side of my body was exposed to hot water. Fortunately, my baby was not hurt, but a huge blister and several smaller ones developed on my side and I was in a lot of pain.

We drove home right after the incident and applied BloodSTOP® iX on my wound. I felt less pain after application. The blister was completely absorbed on the second day and I reapplied BloodSTOP® iX with some waterproof bandages and left them on for 3 days. With my wound covered, the discomfort from movement went away, and I was able to move around and lift things up.

On day 5 I opened the dressing and could see the wound already started to heal. The discomfort associated with the wound was completely gone and it felt like I was never burnt! After that I used standard dressing to cover the wound and it healed in two weeks. I can’t imagine how painful it would’ve been and how slow the wound would heal without BloodSTOP® iX. This product is truly amazing and I encourage everyone to have it in their bag in case accident happens.

Xinhui, D.

San Jose, CA

Within seconds of breaking through a pane of glass, I was bleeding profusely from facial cuts and scrapes.  Although I could slow the bleeding by applying pressure on the wound with tissue, there was no sign of clotting.  Fortunately I had a sample BloodSTOP® pad that I was able to find within a minute or two of the accident, and place over the primary cut.  I was relieved at how quickly it stopped the bleeding, actually within a few seconds.  Although no injury is pleasant, the soft gauze pad also provided a feeling of protection for the exposed tissue.  By the second day the wound looked much better. The healing is really remarkable.  Good job developing this product.

R. Hill

Whitinsville, MA

I am 88 years old and recently had a severe accident in the parking lot of our local BJ’s. I suffered a large, deep cut on the top of my head which continued to bleed quite profusely. Fortunatly, at the recommendation of a family member, I kept a pouch of BloodSTOP Trauma Matrix in the glove compartment of my car. I applied the Trauma Matrix on my wound and the bleeding was brought under control and stopped completely in about 20 seconds. I was then able to drive myself to the ER of my local hospital, where I received many stitches. Given the severity of the wound and volume of blood coming out, I dont think its an over exaggeration to say that this product saved my life! I recommend people stock various sizes in case of emergenies, and be sure to have some large pieces aviablable both at home as well as in the car.
Ralph G.

New York

The way BloodSTOP® works is fantastic. When I accidentally cut my hand on a glass door, I used BloodSTOP® and the bleeding stopped as soon as I applied it.
Patricia Parker

Phoenix AZ

The smallest cuts and scrapes cause me to bleed profusely. I tried a liquid bandage, but it was so difficult to use I threw it away. BloodSTOP® works. It’s quick and easy to use, and it can be easily cut to a size to fit the wound, so there’s no waste, which saves money. I really count on your product.
John Chown

Tujunga, CA

We run a small engine and marine repair business so cuts and blood are a daily part of our business.  BloodSTOP® quickly coagulated a deep cut from the slip of a wrench.
K. Herron

Ontario, Canada

On December 30, 2014, my 9.5 yr old greyhound had her left rear leg amputated due to osteosarcoma in the knee. Unfortunately, due to some unexpected necrosis of a large muscle there was infection and poor healing… The point where BloodSTOP® came into play was at 6:30 on a Friday evening when the artery opened up and sprayed all over…They had been applying pressure and over very few minutes after the application she was no longer bleeding out…It has been 3 more weeks. The infections are gone…Your product is the only 1 we will use as it is a plant-based cellulose rather than chemical to which these dogs can have unpredictable reactions.

Kelley R.

Listen to what this consumer has to say!

I’ve been suffering from a mild case of hemorrhoids for 30 years. About once or twice a month my hemorrhoids flare up and become very itchy and bleed a little. I tried all kinds of creams but nothing worked. Then I tried BloodSTOP® iX Hemostat Matrix 1”x1” after I cleaned the area carefully. It turned into a gel to seal my hemorrhoids up. The bleeding and itching stopped immediately and the hemorrhoids have not returned so far.



I have been purchasing the CVS Advanced BloodSTOP® hemostatic gauze for nosebleeds  I have diabetes and take Plavix daily.  I frequently get posterior (far back and deep) nosebleeds and find that the CVS BloodSTOP® 2″x2″ size works very well. After the bleeding stops, I wait for awhile to ensure that there isn’t any rebleeding. When I pull it out, it doesn’t hurt at all, and comes out like a gel tube.


I developed a large blister on my right heal, and suffered with it for three days until I decided to carefully cut off the dead loose skin over the wound and apply BloodSTOP® iX (made wet in a glass of water).  The pain associated with the blister subsided within about 2 hours of applying the patch which sealed the opening perfectly.  All the pain went away within about 1 day.  While the wound is still healing, the now hardened patch of BloodSTOP® iX works like a layer of skin protecting the wound from the sock or shoe.  I can walk now as if nothing ever happened.  Great product even when used for none-bleeding applications.


My son suffers from frequent nosebleeds even though his nose has been cauterized several times. I tried another product but it burned his nose and made him cry, so I discontinued using it.  I tried BloodSTOP® and within seconds a blood clot had formed with no discomfort to my son.  I keep them in my car and he keeps one in his book bag. Thank you so much for this wonderful product!

Lakewood, NJ

I am a diabetic.  I test 3 to 4 times a day on my arm.  With BloodSTOP®, bleeding stops quickly.  No more blood spots on my clothes or furniture.


Dee Jackson

Camp Hill, PA

My husband has a framing shop and consequently cuts himself quite often. This product is great.  It stops the bleeding quickly and lets him bandage his cut and get back to work instead of waiting until it stops with pressure.
Linda Moore

Williamstown, KY

As a chef in a professional kitchen, I need this product often.  It is unique and a long overdue solution to minor cuts.
Edward Magel

Brooklyn, NY

Walgreens Customer Reviews

I cook all the times and now and then I got finger cuts this has been a life saver stopping bleeding and ease the pain. Great product!
Walgreens Customer

I have come to love these when I get a nose bleed from a thin inner wall inside my nose.
Walgreens Customer

CVS Customer Reviews

I run an auto shop, where folks are always doing crazy stuff. I keep saying, “Don’t do that!” Don’t put that here, don’t cut the pipe like that, etc. Do they listen? No. Do they get cut? Obvious answer. Do those flimsy bandages do the trick? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. I needed something, to stop the darn bleeding, so they could get back to work without messing up the shop. Enter, Blood Stop. Slap it on, goodbye bleeding, everyone’s happy. Back to work. I have a bunch for the shop, different sizes, and some for home.
CVS Customer

This product is really work well on my kids. They injury all the time from play games in school. They told me that CVS Blood stop help them stop bleeding fast and stop the pain. They gave some to other kids in school as well.
CVS Customer

I recently bought some blood stop, and some other emergency medicine cabinet stuff. Good thing I did. My child gets an injury occasionally. This time I used blood stop on the area, and it works very good. ‘Works as advertised’. I am satisfied.
CVS Customer