BloodSTOP® OTC (Over-the-Counter) Bleeding Control Dressing

BloodSTOP® is a water soluble dressing which stops bleeding fast. Upon contact with blood and exudates, it turns into a transparent gel that seals the wound, prevents contamination and enables easy wound monitoring. It creates a natural moist environment to promote healing.

Features and Benefits

  • For all cuts, abrasions or nosebleeds
  • Acts fast
  • Seals wound to prevent contamination
  • Creates moist healing environment
  • Adheres to wound without the discomfort of adhesive
  • Minimizes blood loss
  • Non-irritating
  • Biocompatible

Burn Wound

Covered BloodSTOP with Secondary Dressing


BloodSTOP OTC Product Specifications

Item #SizeQuantityImagePurchase Link

8pc — 1″x1″ (2.5×2.5cm)

2pc — 2″x2″ (5x5cm)


LSP Online Store

CUR00541″x1″ (2.5×2.5cm)10pc/boxWalgreens,

BloodSTOP iX OTC Product Specifications


Item #SizeQuantityImagePurchase Link
BS-iX-14N2″x2″ (5x5cm)1pcLSP Online Store
BS-iX-15W2″x4″ (5x10cm)1pcLSP Online Store
BS-iX-17W4″x8″ (10x20cm)1pcLSP Online Store
BS-iX-20W2″x14″ (5x35cm)1pcLSP Online Store


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