WoundFLEX® Hemostatic Assist Compression Dressing

WoundFLEX® is a flexible, stretchable, general-use, sterile compression dressing. WoundFLEX is especially useful for adjunctive compression over the top of hemostatic dressings such as BloodSTOP® iX Advanced Hemostat with WoundHEAL® and Trauma Matrix.

It applies uniform pressure, sealing the wound evenly for rapid hemostasis.

Its non-adherent surface property allows it to be removed without disruption to the clot, minimizing the chance of rebleeding.


BloodSTOP® iX Advanced Hemostat and WoundFLEX® Compression Dressing

– a perfect pairing for Burn and Trauma Surgery

BloodSTOP iX Advanced Hemostat have been effectively used in burn surgeries for both post eschar debridement and management of split-thickness skin graft at donor site, and for damage control in trauma surgeries. BloodSTOP iX is used for rapid hemostasis as it absorbs blood and exudates, turns into a translucent gel to seal the wound, reduces blood utilization, and facilitates proliferation of skin growth within 7 days in full-thickness burns.

Now with WoundFLEX Compression Dressing, surgeons have a new choice when adjunctive pressure is needed. Its non-adherent surface property (sterile, flexible and stretchable):

  • provides uniform pressure over the BloodSTOP iX hemostatic gel, sealing the wound evenly, accelerating the clotting process
  • protects fragile skin, promotes better circulation of damaged tissue and provides vascular support
  • allows easy removal without disrupting the clotting to promote healing, minimizing the chance of rebleeding

A. Intraoperative predebridement   B. Application of BloodSTOP iX  

C. Wrapping of WoundFLEX   D. Removal of WoundFLEX

Removal of WoundFLEX

BloodSTOP iX in trauma surgery

More Benefits

  • Reduced overall need for ligation and cauterization 
  • Time-saving hemorrhage control facilitates more aggressive operation
  • Maintenance of moist wound environment; no interference with graft uptake
  • Maintenance of skin integrity throughout the burn recovery phase
  • Improved healing rates

Product Specifications

Ingredients: natural plant fibers, and not made with natural rubber or latex.

Product Name Order # Size Quantity
WoundFLEX® Hemostatic Assist WF-50 6″ × 60″ (15 × 152 cm) 1 piece
WoundFLEX® Hemostatic Assist WF-51 12″ × 12″ (30 × 30 cm) 1 piece

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