Advanced Hemostatic and Wound Healing
Dressing for Donor Sites

DonorSeal™ is a groundbreaking hemostatic and wound healing product designed to transform the landscape of medical care for donor sites. It is part of the LifeScience PLUS family of products powered by eCMC technology. This clinically proven, research-based hemostatic dressing and wound healing matrix is made from 100% plant-based cellulose, providing unparalleled benefits in rapid hemorrhage control, blood loss reduction, wound healing promotion, and donor site comfort.

Donor site wounds are very uncomfortable for patients. To mitigate this pain, DonorSeal™, an easily applied, pH-neutral dressing, provides soothing coverage of donor sites, without irritation.

DonorSealTM Advanced Hemostat Features and Benefits

  • Turns into a self-sticking gel upon contact with blood and exudates, seals and aids healing of donor site wounds
  • No recurring bleeding or adhesion upon removal of secondary dressing coverage2,3,4
  • 100% absorbable and biodegradable without any residue; can be used on patients with blood thinner medications (EU only)2,3
  • pH neutral, natural plant-based, nontoxic, non-irritating
  • Creates a moist wound environment that assists with natural granulation and re-epitheliazation, enhancing tissue regeneration and promoting wound healing
  • Safe for all age groups

Product Specifications

Ingredients: natural plant fibers, and not made with natural rubber or latex.

Product Name Order # Size Quantity
DonorSealTM Advanced Hemostat BS-iX-23 4.5″ × 15″ (11.25cm × 37.5cm) 10 pc/bx
5 year shelf life



Trauma Surgery

Indications for Use

Emergency and therapeutic use in the control of bleeding from the skin and other surface wounds where temporary control of bleeding is required.

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