Mountain View, California, April 9, 2024 – LifeScience PLUS officially introduced their new breakthrough product for the treatment of donor sites at the 56th Annual American Burn Association (ABA) Meeting in Chicago today. DonorSeal™ is a 100% natural plant-based cellulose matrix, that provides benefits in rapid hemorrhage control, blood loss reduction, and wound healing promotion.

The product leverages a unique composition that transforms into a translucent gel upon contact with blood and exudate. This innovative feature facilitates the creation of a moist wound environment, which is crucial for natural granulation, re-epithelization and tissue regeneration, ultimately expediting the healing process.

Other key features of DonorSeal™ include:

  • 100% absorbable and biodegradable without any residue*
  • pH neutral, nontoxic, and non-irritating
  • Proven safety and efficacy for patients on blood thinner medications*
  • No recurring bleeding or adhesion upon removal of secondary dressings
  • Safe for all age groups

For more information about DonorSeal™ or other LifeScience PLUS technologies, please visit or contact

About LifeScience PLUS:

LifeScience PLUS is a leading global provider of advanced hemostatic and wound healing solutions for medical procedures. DonorSeal™ is part of the LifeScience PLUS family of products powered by eCMC technology.


* BloodSTOP® iX️ has European Union CE Class III absorbable implant certification, and for use with anticoagulant medications (blood thinners). BloodSTOP® iX️ currently has US FDA 510(k) clearance for topical wound hemostasis.