At least 15 mass shootings occurred across the United States over Memorial Day weekend spanning from New Mexico, Chicago, to Florida, according to NBC News. Sixteen people lost their lives, and over 70 individuals sustained injuries. However, if shooting victims and the public carry BloodSTOP iX Trauma Matrix in their pocket or wallet, it can rapidly control bleeding in under a minute, offering hope to save many lives.

Military hospitals and Level 1 trauma centers are using BloodSTOP iX Trauma Matrix Advanced Hemostat in ER rooms and for trauma surgeries. Trauma and burn surgeons are extremely pleased with BloodSTOP iX’s superior performance. It is a miracle hemostatic agent in the marketplace that has demonstrated a 100% survival rate. It has also been demonstrated to achieve much lower blood utilization in trauma surgery, thereby drastically saving blood which is in critically short supply.

BloodSTOP iX Trauma Matrix Advanced Hemostat meets all the criteria as an ideal hemostatic agent for battlefield, prehospital and hospital hemorrhage control:

  1. Rapid and Effective Bleeding Control: Upon contact with blood and exudates, BloodSTOP iX Trauma Matrix quickly turns into a sticky gel to seal the wound fast and controls bleeding within a minute
  2. Sustained Hemostasis: The sticky gel provides long-lasting and stable hemostasis, advantageous in situations where delayed treatment may occur
  3. Easy Application and Removal: BloodSTOP iX is easy to apply and remove, does not leave any residue—or no need for removal because it is 100% absorbable and biodegradable and is ready to use with minimal training and preparation
  4. Accessibility and Simplicity: It is easy to administer by a layperson under austere conditions
  5. Cost-Effectiveness Treatment: BloodSTOP iX is widely accessible and affordable
  6. Storage and Portability: It is sterile, sealed in lightweight waterproof packaging, has a long shelf life, and is easy to carry everywhere
  7. Biocompatibility: BloodSTOP iX is biocompatible with no adverse effects and no thromboembolic complications—it is made from plant-based water-soluble cellulose, has neutral pH, reduces pain, promotes wound healing and proliferation of tissue growth

Mass shootings have become a common every day crisis in the U.S.  There have been more than 200 mass shootings so far in 2023, more than twice a day. BloodSTOP iX offers a beacon of hope by rapidly control bleeding under a minute and providing a 100% survival rate. BloodSTOP iX offers the hope to save blood and numerous lives in this time of national crisis.

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