In a groundbreaking medical achievement, doctors in Uzbekistan performed an operation to separate Siamese twins for the first time in the country. BloodSTOP iX, a revolutionary hemostatic agent, played a crucial role in controlling bleeding and minimizing complications during this historic operation.

The conjoined twins from neighboring Kyrgyzstan were operated on by top surgeons at the regional center of excellence Republican Perinatal Center in Tashkent, Uzbekistan.

The baby girls were attached by the abdomen and their livers were fused together. Separating twins that share the same internal organs is a complicated and life-threatening operation, and controlling bleeding during a liver separation surgery is especially challenging. BloodSTOP iX proved to be a miracle for this surgery.

The primary concern during the surgery was to control bleeding, as any excessive blood loss could have jeopardized the lives of both twins. To address this challenge, Uzbek surgeons turned to BloodSTOP iX as an indispensable tool to achieve hemostasis effectively and enhance patient outcomes.

“Using the modern hemostatic material BloodSTOP iX, the children were separated with minimal bleeding,” said lead surgeon Dr. Bakhtiyor Ergashev.

BloodSTOP iX Advanced Hemostat was used to prevent bleeding from the liver and other blood vessels when separating the two girls. The surgery proceeded flawlessly and the two healthy girls were reunited with their family. BloodSTOP iX stops bleeding fast and saves lives.