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As a parent we worry about everything!  One of those worries would include your child getting hurt, and sometimes cuts & scrapes are inevitable with active kids. BloodSTOP are hemostat gauzes for dealing with wounds that can be used to stop the bleeding if an accident occurs, it can even be used for nose bleeds.  Initially developed for use by surgeons in the operating room, BloodSTOP is proven to stop bleeding faster and promote healing far better than traditional bandages.  It is so effective and simple to use emergency room workers, police forces, medics as well as parents are using it.  In the case of an emergency it can actually aid in saving lives.
I was sent lots of information and material showing examples of how effective BloodSTOP has been in many serious cases.  What is great about these, is that it is easy to use.  You can layer, fold and apply as needed.  It adheres to wound without discomfort of adhesive, water soluble, non-irritating, biocompatible, biodegradable, and of course minimizes blood loss.  It acts in less than a minute, and is safe for all age groups.  Also easy to remove with water.  These are available to purchase at all major drugstores nationwide like CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid, Walmart Amazon and more.
Sample of how the gauze looks.  100% natural fiber cellulose.  The gauze turns into a gel to seal the wound.


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