Add This To Your Family’s First Aid Kit: BloodSTOP

BloodSTOP Product provided. The honest opinions are my own.

As a parent I always make sure I have the contents of a first aid kit on hand at home. I even pack my purse with kids bandages for on the go. With little ones you never know when they are going to fall and scrape a knee or cut an elbow. I guess I could say that goes for all of us. Dave has cut himself working the garage and I’ve done the same in the kitchen. It was good to have that first aid kit handy in all of these instances.

That’s why I’m excited about BloodSTOP. It is a hemostatic gauze that has been proven to stop bleeding rapidly and safely. It was initially designed for surgeons in the operating room but is not available at major drug stores nationwide.


Now for the big words. What exactly is BloodSTOP? I was interested to read that it is a biocompatible, non-irritating, woven matrix of fibers made from plant compounds. It adheres to a wound, initiates blood coagulation, stops bleeding, and forms a protective layer to create an optimal environment for wound healing.

BloodStop Gauze

More simply, when you apply BloodSTOP to a wound it quickly absorbs the blood and other body fluids and transforms into a gel to seal the wound with a protective transparent layer.

Some fascinating features include:

  • It acts in under a minute
  • It universally conforms to wound surfaces
  • It remains in place without adhesive
  • It’s water soluble for easy removal without disrupting the surface of the wound

BloodSTOP in our family first aid kit. The weather is still nice outside and there’s bound to still be a scraped knee or two ahead of us. It’s good to know that BloodSTOP is easy to use, is effective, and efficient. I’m happy to keep it on hand for those just in case moments and as a parent it offers great peace of mind.

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