BloodSTOP is THE First Aid Product Your Family Needs This Back to School Season!

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received this product, free of charge,from LifeScience Plus, for review purposes on this blog. No other compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about it

Back to school is here, and I don’t know about you, but we seem to be floating in boo-boos on a daily basis!

You would have though Summer would have been worse but no.


SO when I was contacted about a surgical product that was now available for consumers, I was eager to try it out!

And lo and behold, it is a product that family should have in their first-aid kit , meet BloodSTOP :

BloodSTOP was initially developed for use by surgeons in the operating room,(and known as BloodSTOP IX) to help stop bleeding quickly, and to stop further blood loss. This new consumer version,is proven to stopbleeding faster and promote healing, far better than traditional bandages and other coagulating products.Plus it is safe for all age groups to use, making it a must have for your family, car and class first aid kits!

BloodSTOP’s effectiveness, efficiency, and simplicity has made it the go-to product for many emergency workers, medics, firefighters,and police forces already, as part of their trauma kits. It truly has the ability to actually save lives, with serious open windows, before proper care can be achieved..

Just what IS it?

Using a proprietary formulation, regenerated cotton cellulose (aka natural fibers is etherified and oxidized, to make a water-soluble, hemostatic matrix.

Which is a scientific way of saying it is a small piece of fiber that quickly absorbs and stops the bleeding! LOL

BloodSTOP is easy to cut, pack or layer to fit whatever size wound you have.

Just when I was giving up us having any BLEEDING boo-boos in the house (Murphy’s Law goes into effect whenever I get a product for review requiring bleeding to test, every time!), Le Chat (AKA ‘one stop closer to death’), decided the kid was ignoring her and decided to play attack.

After the initial “Stop screaming and let me look” moment, I had the lightbulb moment and pulled the samples of BloodSTOP out and got to work. As you can see by the picture above, the BloodSTOP samples that were already wet, were starting to soak up the blood, and lay down the gel covering. You can also see how layering was not a problem.

The BloodSTOP sections were relatively painless to apply, it was the boo boo that hurt when pressed down upon slightly. There was no discomfort like you get from traditional adhesives, as the skin was not being pulled. Revelation!

miss grace boo boo and bloodstop removed

Once the initial gel set and sealed the wound with its protective transparent layer, as you can see above, they were easy to remove with just a touch of water (and no, there is no disruption to the wound surface-it’s actually pretty cool to watch!) No screaming to stop pulling, it was over in 2 seconds flat, for the whole arm! We did have one spot that was deeper than the others, so I reapplied another BloodSTOP section (as also shown above), and then we covered that area with a traditional adhesive, and the rest of the would in protective gauze and wrapped it, so she could sleep overnight, with rubbing it back open.

And naturally she has this occur the night before she’s due to get Student of the Month award (Holler!)! SO she’s freaked out about everybody touching and playing with it, as was I (ewww GERMS!), so it got new coverings and a wrap. Which naturally refused to adhere to itself as it was supposed to. Murphy’s Law to the third. Sigh. So some ouchless adhesive tape later, she was colorful, but the germs were kept at bay (or so I thought).

But she’s in third grade. Alas, the covering was not to last the day without everybody wanting to ooh and aah over it (Mom-germaphobic to the 9th came out when told this after school), but SURPRISE! The BloodSTOP kept the wound sealed! No more bleeding, and no worry about germs getting in! WOO HOO. So much so, that she was able to go to bed without ANY adhesive coverings, as the wound was starting to heal shut! Score! I LOVE this product! Normally this would have been a 3 day adventure for sure!

SO as you can see, BloodSTOP can handle anything your family can dish out from cat attacks, to scrapes, shaving cuts (no more walking around with toilet paper pieces on you face/legs!), for people with challenging bleeding issues (like those on blood thinners),and even nosebleeds!

You were wondering how that worked, I bet, right?
I knew it! LOL

BloodSTOP comes in single use sterile packaging (as you can see in top photo) and also in several sizes  (ours was the smaller (1 x 1 inch) version, the larger version (2 x 2 inch) would be better for larger, deeper wounds, or those with bleeding issues (as they can absorb more).

So as you can see, BloodSTOP is an absolute must-have addition to your family’s first-aid kit! We’ve added it to the car kit and Miss Grace’s dance bag as well. And we can’t recommend it enough, especially if you have kids or elderly parents in the house!

BloodSTOP  is available at major drug stores like CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid, Walmart nationwide and also online via Amazon.

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