First Aid Kit


It’s a brand new year. It’s time to toss out the old and bring in the new (in more ways than one).

One thing that isn’t on the forefront of most people’s mind is their first aid kit. When was the last time YOU went through your family’s first aid kit?

Some first aid kits might contain medications (oinments, creams, pain relievers…) that could have expired. You might also be in need of supplies like band aids and burn creams (my family goes through a lot of band aids).

There is a product that I was recently introduced to called BloodSTOP that should be in every first aid kit too. BloodStop is a product that stops bleeding, prevents blood loss, and seals even serious wounds better than any other in existence.

This innovative product was developed by LifeScience Plus, a biotech company.


BloodSTOP product packaging


BloodSTOP was recently featured by ParentGuideGizmodo, and Popular Science Radio.

Initially developed for use by surgeons in the operating room, BloodSTOP is proven to stop bleeding faster and promote healing far better than traditional bandages and other blood coagulating products. BloodSTOP’s effectiveness, efficiency, and simplicity has made it the go-to product for many emergency workers, medics, firefighters, police forces, and parents alike. It is a groundbreaking product with a multitude of applications and the ability to actually save lives.

The reason why I feel like this product should be in every first aid kit is because kids will be kids. Kids will eventually get scratches or cuts, especially if they actively play outside or participate in extracurricular actives. Having BloodSTOP on hand not only keeps kids moving, but it also gives parents peace of mind.

Adults can use BloodSTOP too. BloodSTOP is for everyone.

Recently I cut open my finger on a piece of aluminum foil that wouldn’t stop bleeding (or hurting!). I used BloodSTOP as soon as I realized that the band aid was not going to be enough.

I also used BloodSTOP on a cut on my leg that wouldn’t stop bleeding. I was giving our asthmatic cat, Bella, her inhaler after an asthma attack. Bella HATES getting her inhaler so as soon as I moved to put the inhaler back in the box she sprung from my lap and in the process scratched my leg. It’s a large scratch too.


Cut on my leg and BloodSTOP gauze on top.

Cut on my leg and BloodSTOP gauze on top.

Using BloodSTOP is easy. Simply wash off the wound and then apply one of the BloodSTOP gauze pads. There is something on the pad (100% natural cellulose) that makes the gauze turn into a water soluble gel that seals up the wound and stops the bleeding. BloodSTOP stops bleeding in as little as a minute.

There are 10 individually wrapped BloodSTOP gauze pads in each package.

You can easily cut the BloodSTOP gauze to fit any size cut.

The two times I have personally used BloodSTOP it worked quickly to top my cuts from bleeding.

If you would like to learn more about BloodSTOP visit the manufacturer’s website,

BloodSTOP is available at many retail locations across the country including CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid, Walmart, Amazon and more.

What do you think about this new technology? Does BloodSTOP sound like a product you would want in your first aid kit?


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