A 9-year-old girl with skinless wounds across scalp, abdomen, and legs (a genetic disorder) was in the care of Dr. Ibrahim Amjad. She always bled over 500 cc of blood in the last 2 years, requiring transfusion of 2 units of blood at every OR visit. Multiple treatments of her open wounds of the scalp, abdomen and legs were attempted in the last 2 years using Sulfamylon, Aquacel AG, Silvadene, and Gentian Violet with no success.

Lifescience PLUS worked with the doctor of the 9-year-old with a rare genetic disorder that affects skin growth and bleeding as she was born premature. She had spent 2 years in the hospital where no product can treat her open wounds that are affecting all her body. The doctor immediately used BloodSTOP iX when the father told him how it helped his fellow soldier.

Ibrahim Amjad, MD, FCAS, a plastic surgeon at Miami Children’s Hospital worked on the 9-year-old in the next 30 days using BloodSTOP iX (with 3 times a week BloodSTOP iX applications) and saw new skin growth.

With the introduction of BloodSTOP iX, wound debridement was performed, reducing blood loss by less than 200 cc and only requiring one unit or a partial unit of blood transfusion.

Any type of debridement and cleaning of her wounds would not have been possible at one OR sitting without the use of BloodSTOP iX.

About the family

The father learned about BloodSTOP iX when a fellow soldier told him how BloodSTOP iX, a plant-based hemostat matrix, helped him stop his bleeding. BloodSTOP iX turns into a gel upon contact with blood with no complications and with less operating time.

A father’s letter to LifeScience PLUS:
“Our goal is to stop her head from bleeding and to try and form some type of barrier to stop infection. She goes into the operating room for weekly debridement to scrub unhealthy tissue off, and keep her healthy tissue. We have tried silver, silver and honey, sulphamylon, mepilex, adaptec, and nothing is helping. Not only are they not helping, but insurance doesn’t cover some of the products that we’re trying and so I’ve been working very hard to try and get these products for her. So, as I mentioned to Dr. Amjad about this, in regards to using it to control the bleeding and keep the infection out, and he says “why not it’s worth a shot”.