LifeScience PLUS (LSP) held its annual holiday party on December 18, 2022, after a 3-year COVID pause, to celebrate another successful year. Over 40 guests attended the Silicon Valley event, including world famous urologist, Dr. Tom Lue, his UCSF team member, Dr. Guiting Lin, and LSP’s local team and associates.

Our CEO and founder, Vicky Feng, summarized the key achievements of 2022, highlighting domestic and international sales growth, and key research findings in tissue regeneration with the use of BloodSTOP iX. She expressed her appreciation for the contribution by the world class surgeons, and acknowledged the continuing contributions of the LSP team.


Dr. Tom Lue, Vice Chair of the Department of Urology at UCSF, and early researcher of the foundational science that was the basis for Viagra, shared results from the recent collaborative research on the wound healing and tissue regeneration features of BloodSTOP iX. He described BloodSTOP iX as an “amazing product” that not only stops bleeding, but also activates specific tissue growth factors. These growth factors inhibit both infection and inflammation, giving scientific explanation to what has been observed in the clinical data, that BloodSTOP iX promotes healing.

With such strong clinical and research support, accompanied by a strong sales team, we are confident in a successful future for LSP! We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!