BloodSTOP iX Trauma Matrix is the only hemostat in the medical field that achieved 100% survival rate on extremity arterial hemorrhage using U.S. military standard trauma injury protocol in a swine model. It is used in damage control surgery (DCS) to control hemorrhage rapidly and reverse lactic acidosis, preventing exsanguination or death, increasing the survivability of patients.

BloodSTOP iX Trauma Matrix is well-known as a plant-based hemostat that demonstrated superior hemorrhage control in extremity arterial injury. It is used by trauma, critical care and acute care surgeons at the medical treatment facility (MTF) as well as first responders on the accident scene.

In addition, the lack of blood supply is a big concern at hospitals as US experiences the worst blood shortage in over a decade. Hospitals are forced to preserve blood supply for those patients in critical condition and doctors are facing difficult choices due to blood deficit. The need to control hemorrhagic bleeding and reduce blood loss is critical to stop-gap this issue.

Welcome to visit us at booth #312 LifeScience PLUS at the 81st Annual Meeting of the American Association for the Surgery of Trauma (AAST) during Sept 21, Wednesday to Sept 24, Saturday, 2022, to meet our professional team for demonstration of how BloodSTOP iX Trauma Matrix can help maximize DCS hemostasis that reduces blood loss, minimizing blood utilization, truncating operative time, and saving lives.

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