How Would You Improve My Bare Essentials First Aid Kit?

This is my fast-and-light, no-backpack first aid kit for minimalist adventures. It needs to deal with emergencies long enough to get me, a friend or Wiley a few hours back to the car and to a hospital. How would you improve it?

So the idea with this little first aid kit is to create something that can come along when I’m not carrying a backpack. It needs to fit in the breast pocket of a shirt or jacket, the cargo pocket on a pair of pants or a similar tiny space that can’t accommodate much weight. But, it also needs to be able to deal with real injuries. I hunt and ride mountain bikes and climb mountains and do all manner of stupid shit, often with little regard for my own well being.

In there, I have a tube of super glue (should be Krazy Glue, which works better, but this is what I had lying around. As you can see, it’s now used) to seal cuts; a self-adhesive Ace Bandage type thing to immobilize a sprain or break (can be supplemented with sticks to work as a splint); a safety pin to turn an item of clothing into a sling; Pepto Bismol because sometimes you get the poops and don’t want them to stop you; generic Neosporin for preventing infection; tincture of Iodine 2% for sterilizing drinking water; and three Bloodstop iX hemostat bandages for dealing with major wounds and stopping blood loss.

This is by no means meant to be a comprehensive first aid kit, allowing me to deal with all injuries myself, it’s just the bare necessities for when I’m headed out a few hours from the car, without the space to carry my big one.

What would you change?

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