LSP is pleased to announce that a Federal Supply Schedule (FSS) Contract has been awarded to LifeScience PLUS, Inc., by the Veteran’s Affairs (VA) National Acquisition Center in Hines, IL.   This award represents a potential opportunity of $300 million dollars per year in sales to government agencies.

LSP’s BloodSTOP and BloodSTOP iX product line of revolutionary hemostatic matrix wound dressings will now be available to the US Armed Forces.  “We are pleased that our military will have the best product available to them,” said founder and CEO, Vicky Feng, “providing exceptional bleeding control and wound healing for traumatic emergency wound care as well as surgical applications when needed during military interventions and protection of citizens in today’s world of natural disasters and unexpected acts of terror.”

The contract, #V797D-70261, effective October 1, 2017, is good for 5 years, renewable for 5 additional years.  LSP’s FSS will be available for orders from all authorized Federal Customers.  Specifics to be announced soon.