LifeScience Plus is pleased to announce that we have participated in Arab Health Conference, the second largest healthcare exhibition and congress in the world and the largest healthcare conference in the Middle East. The conference is held every year in January in Dubai, UAE.

During the exhibition and conference, BloodSTOP iX received great attention from more than 50 surgeons in the Dubai region alone. LSP medical sales teams and partners have met sales representatives and surgeons from 17 Middle East countries.  All were excited and impressed by the performance of BloodSTOP iX in achieving fast action bleeding control and promoting healing without any complications, as compared to the traditional hemostatic materials they have been using. They praised BloodSTOP iX to be the most innovative hemostat product in the world and would love to have BloodSTOP iX in the wound care sections in their hospitals.

Dr. Tareq Mahdi is a senior consultant for Bariatric and Endocrine Surgery from Al Qassimi Hospital, Sharjah, UAE. He uses BloodSTOP IX for hemostasis control in gastric bypass laparoscopic procedure.  He has seen immediate impact on patient successful outcomes.  Dr. Tareq said that it reduced blood loss and decreased operating time by 30-60 minutes on average per case since he started using BloodSTOP IX.

To place order, please contact us for Middle East distributor’s contact info.