Most wound care products have limitations such as slow hemostasis, significant pain, delayed healing, risk of infections, discoloration, scarring, and other wound complications, often requiring multiple clinical interventions.

All of these challenges can be effectively addressed with BloodSTOP® iX Advanced Hemostat with WoundHEAL®,a total wound care solution. 

BloodSTOP technology is a 100% natural plant-based revolutionary wound care matrix that addresses the issue of slow healing wounds, such as diabetic foot ulcers, varicose vein leg ulcers, or other ulcer wounds, which could lead to a higher risk of amputations. The median healing time for diabetic foot ulcers without surgery is usually 84 days. Histology shows skin regeneration after only 21 days of treatment with BloodSTOP iX.

Come visit us, LifeScience PLUS, booth #735, at the Symposium on Advanced Wound Care (SAWC) Fall in Las Vegas from Oct 13, Thursday to Oct 16, Sunday, 2022, to meet our professional team and hear more about how BloodSTOP iX accelerates the healing of acute & chronic wounds.

Hope to see you soon!

For details, visit SAWC Fall website.