LifeScience PLUS, Inc. showcased BloodSTOP at the 45th Annual John A. Boswick, M.D. Burn and Wound Healing Symposium during Jan 21-26, 2023 in Maui, HI, and received an overwhelming response to the latest clinical and preclinical outcomes in burn and trauma wound care.

A large number of attendees were impressed by the podium presentation “BloodSTOP iX: A hemostatic agent that assists in tissue regeneration,” demonstrating tissue healing of BloodSTOP iX through activation of growth factors and downregulation of the inflammatory cytokines. Platelet derived growth factors involve VEGF upregulation and allow for epithelialization and neo-vascularization of wounds. The anti-inflammatory effect that it displays also facilitates the healing process.

BloodSTOP iX not only causes rapid termination of hemorrhage post burn debridement, but also allows surgeons to move on to further or rapid grafting. In subsequent operations, it is also utilized in deep second-degree models where grafting is not needed, optimal in the pediatric patients. Accelerating the time to healing allows for better re-harvesting and wound healing, and more importantly, reduction in the length of stay of patients. It’s simplicity of use and cost-effectiveness make it effective as a hemostatic and wound healing product.


BloodSTOP iX is a game-changing total solution matrix for wound care: upon contact with blood or liquid, it controls bleeding fast, seals the wound as a membrane, prevents contamination, reduces the risk of infection and inflammation, and promotes fast tissue growth.  BloodSTOP iX with WoundHEAL, well-established as an ideal hemostatic wound dressing, has demonstrated the ability to modulate endogenous tissue cytokines, as well as to bind to cellular receptors on cell membranes and thereby activating Wnt/Frizzled cellular signaling. This leads to activation of endogenous stem cells and cytokines, which brings about angiogenesis and tissue regeneration. Additionally, BloodSTOP iX Wound Heal has shown to decrease inflammatory cytokines, thereby reducing the infection and inflammation risk.

BloodSTOP iX is also a powerful adjunctive hemostat for critical bleeding control in emergency room trauma care and trauma surgery. It is making a major impact as a life saving solution in burn and trauma care for those patients who are affected. This advanced innovative technology provides power to control bleeding and power to heal.

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