Let’s face it, no matter how experienced you are in the kitchen, there is only one way you got that way..and that’s with lots and lots of what I like to call “ouchies”.  “Ouchies” are those annoying, self-inflicted knife wounds that hurt and bleed like crazy!  The last thing anyone needs when trying to get a warm meal on the table is down time, waiting and wishing that the cut would heal and the bleeding would stop.  The reality is…it takes FOR EV ERRR!  Good meals have been scraped simply because the cooking came to a screeching halt thanks to a deep and bloody (very unsafe & unsanitary) cut!

Well, this incredible little product calledLifeScience PLUS Blood Stop just might be the answer all who “play with knives” have been waiting for!  It’s called Blood Stop, because it um..stops that bleeding, and fast!  So you can get back to what’s most important…salvaging that culinary masterpiece of yours!

Next Generation Wound Care Products for the World

“Who we are”

LifeScience PLUS is a medical device company committed to developing and marketing innovative next-generation wound care technology. Through our line of BloodSTOP® wound care products, we have created a unique and revolutionary hemostatic matrix. BloodSTOP® is a plant-derived, hydrophilic material that, when properly applied, will actively aid blood coagulation and create a physical barrier and an environment for improved wound healing.

The BloodSTOP® product family is at the forefront of a new generation of wound care products for medical and dental industries that are not only more practical to administer but also more effective and palliative for the patient.

Envisioning Progress

LifeScience PLUS founding members recognized early on the need for wound care products that could address the disadvantages of traditional dressings and adhesive bandages. Convenient, cost-effective and proven for a range of applications, the Company’s flagship BloodSTOP® and BloodSTOP® iX products are FDA cleared for external usage. BloodSTOP® and BloodSTOP® iX are CE certified for external use, and BloodSTOP® iX for internal surgical use in Europe and other OUS markets. LifeScience PLUS has identified and is actively exploring future indications for the medical professional marketplace based on clinical data and feedback from the medical community.


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