BloodSTOP is biocompatible, non-irritating, woven matrix of fibers which is great, our two youngest grandchildren have sensitive skin, so they will not have any problems using these when needed.

Proven to stop bleeding rapidly and safely, very easy to use.  Clean the wound, cut to the size and shape needed to fit and apply to wound, hold with light pressure until the bleeding stops (usually under a minute), moisten with water if you want to adhere to skin. Once the bleeding has completely stopped, rinse off excess and gently wipe away the gel.

If bleeding does not stop after first application you can repeat following same instructions. IF bleeding continues, either call your doctor or go to closest emergency room.


If you have a nosebleed, cut into a small strip and pack strip into the nostril. Compress the nostril to help to stop the blood flow. Rinse with water once bleeding has stopped. As stated before, IF bleeding continues, either call your doctor or go to closest emergency room.

BloodSTOP not only adheres to the wound without adhesive, BloodSTOP initiates blood coagulation, stops bleeding, water soluble and forms a protective layer in under a minute to create an optimal environment for wound healing.


Available in single use sterile packaging and available in several sizesand very cost effective.

BloodSTOP and BloodSTOP iX are hemostatic gauzes that interact with blood in a way that helps speed up coagulation. When you place gauze on the wound it becomes a translucent gel that will adhere and help seal the wound.

LifeScience Plus makes both gauze products:

BloodSTOP is often used externally because of the cost effectiveness, BloodSTOP iX is used primarily for internal placement, it is higher purity and more densely woven and stops the bleeding significantly faster than traditional methods.

BloodSTOP is a great addition to any home medical kit. Especially for homes like mine. My husband is my UNhandy Manny and gets hurt every time he tries to work on something about the house. We also have four grand babies that are here five days out of seven and they are always getting hurt on something. This is amazing to have around.


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