BloodSTOP® iX Advanced Hemostat with WoundHEAL® Matrix, Box



BloodSTOP® iX Advanced Hemostat with WoundHEAL® has been clinically proven to be the best advanced hemostatic and wound healing matrix for use by hospital and other medical professionals. Derived from etherified carboxymethyl cellulose, it will not irritate wounds. Upon contact with blood and exudates, BloodSTOP iX quickly activates the intrinsic coagulation cascade, accelerating clot formation and forming a transparent protective gel layer that creates a natural moist environment to promote healing. The woven matrix adheres to any wound, facilitating continual monitored without disrupting blood clotting.

* For use by medical professionals.

Additional information

Weight 0.12 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 11.5 × 4 in

0.5"×2", 24 pc/bx, 2"×2", 12 pc/bx, 2"×4", 12 pc/bx, 4"×8", 12 pc/bx, 2"×14", 12 pc/bx