Check out our latest testimonial on a burn wound.

David T. San Mateo, CA A 17 y/o female was injured with partial-thickness (second degree) burn with blister from burning marshmallow. Standard burn treatment was given at the ER; pain-killer was prescribed due to severe pain; patient was informed by doctor that wound would heal in about one month and would leave scarring. After treatment with traditional anti-infection cream and coverage with non-adhesive dressing for 18 hours, BloodSTOP iX was used for further treatment, also covered with non-adhesive dressing and water-proof dressing, no pain-killer was used thereafter*. Partial granulation could be seen on day 2. Dead tissue debridement was done by coverage of BloodSTOP basic on day 7; pink granulation could be seen. Burn was healed on day 10. Growth of new skin tissue could be seen, and there was no evidence of scarring. *BloodSTOP products are cleared by USFDA for topical bleeding control.  Product claims regarding pain control in this testimonial have not been reviewed by USFDA.