BloodSTOP iX have positive outcomes in area of bleeding, infection, scarring and healing time in burn donors and transplants.

It is made of plant-based nanocellulose hemostat matrix that turns into a gel upon contact with blood, sealing the wound in a moist environment with no complications and irritations.

When compared with other hemostat products, the burned skin appearance returned to normal for patients with BloodSTOP iX as observed on the 8th day. Skin damage was less and on day 12, blisters were not found.

Skin thickness is better with BloodSTOP iX and it produces no irritations, infections or burning/pain complications, compared to other hemostat materials, where 18.75% of patients experienced skin irritations and 31.25% patients had infections.

Other hemostat materials (control) versus BloodSTOP iX (BSM): BloodSTOP iX shows faster wound healing.