intraoperative hemorrhage

90% Complete Hemostasis in 20min

Burn excision produces a non-compressible hemorrhage, needs timely removal of burns and grafting, needs faster control of hemorrhage to reduce intraoperative blood loss.  BloodSTOP iX hemostat matrix was chosen and compared to the conventional methods for complete hemostasis for patients undergoing extensive burn debridement.  It is made of plant-based nanocellulose hemostat matrix that turns into a gel upon contact with blood, sealing the wound in a moist environment with no complications and irritations.

Less Operative Time

BloodSTOP iX hemostat matrix was placed over the wound bed immediately after debridement, followed by a dry collagen and silica-based dressing wrapped in a compressive fashion and left in place for 20 minutes. Excised areas achieved 90% hemostasis without the need for suture ligation.  The conventional methods achieved 30% hemostasis with combination of suture ligation and electrocautery.

BloodSTOP iX achieved less intraoperative blood loss and reduced transfusion requirement in extensive burn debridement.

Hemostasis after Extensive Burn Debridement

Hemorrhage Control ProductComplete hemostasis
BloodSTOP iX90%
Conventional Method30%

Recently honored by The American Burn Association, BloodSTOP iX hemostat matrix:

  • Decreases blood loss and operative time
  • Conforms to any wound
  • Minimizes ligation and cauterization
  • Facilitates more aggressive operation due to control of hemorrhage
  • Keeps moist field and does not interfere with graft uptake
  • Maintains skin integrity throughout the burn recovery phase
  • Improves healing rates
  • Can be used with Negative Pressure Wound Therapy

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