A World of Opportunities
LSP held its International Sales Meeting at the Dolce Hayes Mansion Hotel and Resort on July 29th, 2018. The goal of this meeting was to create an environment for Medical Practitioners, International Distributors, and US Sales Representatives to collaborate on their sales experiences, hear the latest in clinical studies, and share future goals and planned achievements. There were 8 managing regional directors present representing 19 countries. It was very informative, and facilitated collaboration between distributors on best sales practices across the global medical market.
Contributing speakers included 5 distinguished physicians that spoke on the importance of BloodSTOP iX, and future applications and successes in today’s surgical practices. Topics covered were (Dr. Lin) Nanotechnology in conjunction with BloodSTOP/BloodSTOP iX, (Dr. Lue) introduction of the science, (Dr. Poulakidas)effectiveness of BloodSTOP iX in burn surgery, trauma and wound care, and (Dr. Shapiro) the multi-dimensional uses of BloodSTOP iX in ENT surgery.
In closing remarks, Vicky Feng (CEO) presented the future goals and planned technological advances for the BloodSTOP product line in the Medical Market. This outstanding meeting re-energized our national team and global partners!